Wiring a new house in Orange



Olivier Manican is a French qualified Electrical Fitter Mechanic  and a NSW qualified Electrical Contractor providing quality service for residential electrical needs to sub-contracting on large scale projects in a variety of electrotechnological fields.


From installing a new powerpoint, to fixing a hotwater service to wiring a new home, OME can provide SAFE and reliable service for all residential requirements.


On the farm OME can offer electrical services from fault finding on pumps to wiring new and rewiring existing sheds.


Sub Contracting


OME offers sub contracting services to other and larger electrical contractors who may wish to expand their labour force on a sub contractual basis, whether it be for one day or 100.


Olivier’s experience lies in a number of fields within electrotechnology including residential, commercial, industrial, medical and mining.


Please see experience to see other licences.


For sub contracting references are available on request.


Licence 244192C

ABN  19 646 647 027


mobile 0427 442 431